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Are you looking for fast, accurate, and professional DOT drug testing in Springfield, MO?

APEX DOT Drug Testing makes it easy. We are a locally owned and operated team dedicated to providing the highest quality of service with accuracy and efficiency. Our goal is to ensure safety, compliance, and peace of mind on the road for everyone involved - from employers to drivers.

With our advanced technology, you can be sure that you’ll receive prompt results while still enjoying strict standards for accuracy. You'll also gain access to the latest industry information about regulations, giving you the confidence to know that your company is in full compliance with federal requirements.


We know that CDL drivers don’t have all day to sit around a waiting room. Our efficient processing will get drivers out of the office and back on the road.


Our meticulous methods and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee accurate and reliable results…every time.


Drug testing shouldn’t make people feel like criminals. Our professional and friendly staff treat each visitor with respect.

DOT Compliant

Our drug and alcohol testing services are in full compliance with DOT regulations, helping you meet industry standards and maintain a
drug-free workplace.

Efficient and Affordable
CDL Drug Tests

The Department of Transportation (DOT) enforces strict regulations to ensure the safety of those working in transportation industries, such as truck drivers, pilots, and ship captains.

We understand that time sitting in waiting rooms intrudes on your workday, so we streamline our operations to get you in and out quickly!

Our DOT-compliant drug tests examine five classes of drugs, including:

  • Amphetamines (examples: methamphetamine, MDMA)
  • Opioids (examples: heroin, codeine, morphine)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Cannabinoids (examples: marijuana, hashish)
  • Cocaine

Our experienced team provides accurate and reliable DOT urine testing services, delivering fast and confidential results. We provide the best possible service for all your DOT urine testing (and DOT consortium) needs and ensure compliance with DOT regulations.

DOT Standards for CDL Drug Tests


A CDL driver must pass a drug test before driving a commercial motor vehicle.


After passing prescreening and beginning work for a company, CDL drivers are required to undergo mandatory random drug testing. Each CDL driver is included in a random testing selection pool. These random tests occur periodically throughout the year, and when a driver is selected for testing, they must respond promptly to the summons.


Based on FMCSA regulations, Post-accident drug and alcohol testing is sometimes necessary after an accident.

Reasonable Suspicion

Drivers under suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be required by their employer to take a drug test.


CDL drivers who have tested positive may be required to pass a drug test before being allowed to drive.